Dana Leong Trio APAP Showcase

December 24, 2011

Dana Leong showcase

Sat. Jan 7, 2012 at 10:20pm
APAP Showcase @ Hilton Hotel

(Industry Only for the showcase, but check out Dana’s blog and other cool stuff here: Dana’s Blog)

“A high-def Yo-Yo Ma” is what people call him, but that’s not enough to describe the talent of composer/cellist/trombonist Dana Leong. His sound is a passionate, lyrical blend of classical, jazz and pop. Experience borderless music created by this 2008 US State Department American Music Ambassador.

About Dana Leong Trio:
Dana Leong Trio, featuring Dana (cello/trombone), electric guitar and turntables, is the latest incarnation of Dana’s ever-expansive compositions, bringing together an exciting electro-acoustic blend of jazz, classical and pop. The trio recently performed at Orange County Performing Arts, the 2011 Blue Note Jazz Festival in New York City and the Sleepless Night Miami Beach Festival in November 2011, for which they graced the front cover of the Miami Herald newspaper. Click on the image below to view online photo gallery.

Dana Leong

Jeff / MariaMatiasMusic.com

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